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ZELFMADE is the first German event planning company to have been awarded the "climate-neutral" status by the myclimate Deutschland gGmbH. Not only are we happy to share with you the certification proceedings set forth by our partner myclimate, but we're also interested in discussing how we can render your event a competent and environmentally friendly happening.

It is our belief that more and more events will be scrutinized under ecological aspects within the near future. More questions will be posed regarding climate-neutrality and green events, so having tenable answers at hand is of central importance.

Here at ZELFMADE we're acquainted with the field, the sundry stances and assessment criteria pertinent to organizing green events. Climatically neutral events should not only strive to incorporate obvious considerations such as traffic flow and energy consumption, but also seemingly minor details right down to the proposed catering menus. These decisions determine whether one is to become vulnerable due to superficial work, or comfortably equipped with the right answers concerning green events.

That is why here at ZELFMADE, we not only provide precise, effective and brand-compatible solutions for your events - we also consult you on matters of climate neutrality and assist you in implementing them for your company's benefit.

Green events: Make your company a pioneer of the right idea.

ZELFMADE live events | event agency | carbon neutral events | Picture: myclimate

About myclimate – The Climate Protection Partnership

myclimate is a Swiss non-profit foundation that is making a significant and innovative contribution to climate protection and sustainable development. myclimate is well-connected globally and is a leading quality provider of climate education and Carbon Management Services. myclimate is also a renowned partner for carbon offsetting solutions via effective carbon offset projects.
For more information please visit: www.myclimate.org/en

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